Et Cetera

Small Projects Worth Sharing

Design Cube

Translating 2D compositions into 3D

Music Icons Poster Series

Designed at the conclusion of my Typography 2 Studio, this poster series showcases three music icons.

Chinese Monogram

The Challenge of this project was to take the Chinese phonetic translation of your name and then compact it into a single symbol. This presented a series of challenges, starting with decoding the construction of Chinese letterforms, then transitioning to utilizing this understanding to build up your own new character.

Thanks to the connection of DAAP School of Design direction Wei Wang, this logo, as well as the dozen other students who completed this challenge, will be featured as part of the GDC Awards

Minimalist Chess

In my freetime I enjoy playing chess with my friends, so I thought I would reimagine what chess pieces could be like in a tile. With their form derived from their movement pattern across the grid, these are the tiles I came up with.


Drawing and Studies done as passion projects

1. Dreamscape

2. Glyph Poster

3. Doodle Rubiks Cube

4. Tangrams


Creating a composition from sewing hexagon tiles together to form one large quilted design.

Glyph Posters

Created purely as a graphic experiment in blending organic forms with geometry

Doodle Rubik's Cube

Done as an experiment in how a design could be modular and interactive in a tangible way.


With a texture born from pareidolia, these tangram pieces were a first look at how to make an engaging and interactive graphic medium.