Craigslist App

UX UI | Summer 2023

+ Figma
+ UX | UI
+ App Design

The Project:

Craigslist needs a facelift to improve both usability and their brand. As a studio project with Eli Shust, Rachael Cai, and Diane Choi we addressed the shortcomings of the app and developed our own flow.

Information Hierachy

Heuristic Analysis

Aesthetic and Minimalist Design

The current Craigslist interface is cluttered and crowded with information. The site needed to be re-constructed with a clear and minimal hierarchy.

Recognition Rather Than Recall

The current Craigslist interface features ambiguous icons. A clearer icon system needed to be introduced for easier navigation.

There is also no easy way to navigate between categories and subcategories without hitting the back button. Categories need to remain visible between screens so users can easily select other categories.

Consistency + Standards

Current design and structure of Craigslist isn’t consistent across pages. A more consistent design structure/hierarchy needed to be created.

Style Guide

Task Flow

Navigate to the Apartment Page

This step tests the effectiveness of icon system on the home page.

Find a Specific Listing

This step tests the effectiveness of navigating the subcategory page and the search tools.

Apply to the Listing

This step tests discretionary pages and user feedback page for completing the task flow.