Clear Co-op

Spring 2023

+ Deck Design
+ Social Media
+ Branding

Who are Clear?

Clear M&C Saatchi is a growth strategy consultancy that merges business aptitude with design

What did I do at Clear?

  • I worked on overhauling the social media templates
  • I created assets for the company's internal values
  • I updated powerpoints created by the consullting team
Client Side
  • I worked on new identity systems
  • I created poster series and infographics
  • I created stylized decks

Clear Values Poster Series

These posters were made to embodying the simple philosophy and aesthetic of Clear M&C Saatchi.

Values Collateral

In addition to posters, post-it notes and a planter were proposed assets to communicate Clear's values.

Client Work

Because of the confidential nature of client work, please reach out to gain access to this password protected page.