Cincinnati Pride

Branding | Summer 2023

+ Branding
+ Event Design

The Project:

Cincinnati Pride needs rebranding. From an overly complex logo to haphazard signage, the brand is suffering from a lack of cohesion. This redesign reconstructs the Cincinnati Pride Identity from the ground up.


To best address the brand goals, a review of the event was done.

Understanding the Event

Mission Statement

The purpose of Cincinnati Pride is to provide the Greater Cincinnati LGBTQIA+ community and our allies with programs that inspire, educate, and commemorate our rich history, while supporting local economic growth; positively impacting the lives of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.


Cincinnati Pride should the epicenter of the tristate LGBTQ celebration. Bringing together queer people and allies alike in a strong, fun demonstration of Cincinnati’s progress in inclusivity and rich culture. A balance of political activism, joyous fun, and economic opportunity to capitalize on the city’s cultural assets.

Event History

It was the spring of 1973 in Cincinnati. A group of LGBTQ people gathered on Fountain Square to march for gay rights awareness. This was all happening as the modern gay rights movement was in its early stages; growing out of the protest momentum in the wake of a raid of The Stonewall, a club in New York City in 1969.

Brand Audit

To identify opportunities in the current Cincinnati Brand and take inspiration from other cities.

Logo Sketching

The base of the redesign is a focus on creating a fun yet modular design system.

Mood Board

Direction 1

Direction 2

Direction 3

Finalized Directions

Final Direction

Direction 3: C + Wave


The waveform is symbolically representative of voice of the community and the flow of the Ohio River. The logo is recognisable at a distance and easily applicable to other brand assets.

Brand Guidelines

Creating a consistent system to be deployed.

Color Pallet

Fluorescent Pink
0 97 0 0
237 22 114

Vibrant Orange
0 70 91 0
243 111 46

Calming Green
74 11 93 1
71 164 82

Aquatic Blue
78 46 0 0
56 124 191


Brand Assets

Brand Identity Applied

Event Posters

Multi-use Collateral

These posters aim to capture the attention of potential attendees in local shops or to be used as Instagram stories. Their colors are segmented by utility; pinks and oranges for shopping and otherwise commercial activity and blues and greens being used for parks or free communal events.



While scrolling through Instagram, these posts are distinguishing themselves with their vibrant color, large type, and dynamic geometry. Templates will provide regularity for the currently chaotic system.


Pop of Color

Pride events are all known to have rainbow pieces of apparel sold by third-party vendors. To provide variety and to distinguish the events brand from generic pride merch, these geometric patterns in the events theme can be sold on T-shirts and tote bags.

Event Banners

Way Finding

These banners offer the opportunity to provide helpful information, and double as advertisements in the days before the event occurs.